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International Relations

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Project Title Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
Fled or Expelled? Representation of the Israeli–Arab Conflict in U.S. High School History Textbooks January 2010 McCauley, Clark Journal Article
Violent Democracies in Latin America March 2010 Arias, Enrique Book
Interpersonal Discussions and Attitude Formation on Foreign Policy: The Case of Polish Involvement in the Iraq War January 2013 Radziszewski, Elizabeth Journal Article
Social Networks and Public Support for the European Union June 2013 Radziszewski, Elizabeth Book
The Effects of Rivalry on Rivalry: Confrontations and the Strategic Management of Threats January 2014 Radziszewski, Elizabeth Journal Article
Disaggregating and Defeating Terrorist Safe Havens December 2014 Bacon, Tricia Journal Article
'Defensive Liberal Wars’: The Global War on Terror and the Return of Illiberalism in American Foreign Policy March 2015 Singh, Rashmi Journal Article
Russian Clients and Global Foreign Policy Strategy: Evidence from Foreign Military Sales August 2015 Stevenson, John START Reports
Myth and Reality in International Politics: Meeting Global Challenges through Collective Action September 2015 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Book
The Influence of Nationalism on Russian Security Policy: The Logics of (Dis)-Order and Terrorism in the Shift from Nation-State to Nation-Civilization October 2015 Stevenson, John START Reports
Shifting Eastern Mediterranean Alliances March 2016 Karagiannis, Emmanuel Journal Article
Russian Aggression in Ukraine: Is There a Solution? October 2016 Rutter, Megan Journal Article
North American Strategic Defense in the 21st Century: Security and Sovereignty in an Uncertain World May 2018 Leuprecht, Christian Book
Explaining Homegrown Western Jihadists: The Importance of Western Foreign Policy June 2018 McCauley, Clark Journal Article
Potential for radicalization amongst Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon: Risks, factors, and implications July 2018 Kruglanski, Arie START Reports
Paying It Forward: Sustaining the Transatlantic Relationship with Canada’s Mission in the Baltics October 2018 Leuprecht, Christian Report
Paying it Forward: Canada's Renewed Commitment to NATO's Enhanced Forward Presence March 2019 Leuprecht, Christian Journal Article
Research Handbook on Mediating International Crises May 2019 Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Book
Weaponizing Peace: Colombia’s Demobilized FARC as a Lever of Russian Influence May 2019 Koven, Barnett S. White Paper
Fragile States May 2019 Stevenson, John Report
Back to the Future: Teaching about the End of the World July 2019 Sin, Steve; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Instruments and Arrangements against Online Terrorism Relating to International Cooperation August 2019 Leuprecht, Christian Book Chapter
Divergent Axes of Russian Influence in Colombia and Latin America September 2019 Koven, Barnett S. White Paper
Book Review: Talibanistan: Negotiating the Borders Between Terror, Politics, and Religion September 2019 Krause, Peter Book Review
System, State, or Individual: Gaming Levels of Analysis in International Relations October 2019 Asal, Victor Journal Article
New Opportunities in Common Security and Defence Policy: Joining PESCO February 2020 Leuprecht, Christian Journal Article
Extended Deterrence Dilemmas in the Grey Zone: Trans-Atlantic Insights on Baltic Security Challenges February 2020 Ellis, Devin; Murauskaite, Egle; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Journal Article
COVID-19's Impact on Business Absorptive Capacity March 2021 Boyd, Marcus A. Research Brief
Why Leave Home March 2021 Boyd, Marcus A. Research Brief
Competing with Great Powers Through Competitive Strategy and Unconventional Warfare April 2021 Koven, Barnett S. Journal Article
Religious Fundamentalism, Liberal Nationalism, and Sectarian Solidarity among Lebanese August 2021 Moaddel, Mansoor Book Chapter
Escalation Management in the Gray Zone December 2021 Murauskaite, Egle; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan START Reports
Climate Change and Terrorism: Key Insights May 2022 Henkin, Samuel D. Research Brief
Climate Change and Security May 2022 Henkin, Samuel D. Research Brief
Climate Change and Terrorism: A Call to Action May 2022 Henkin, Samuel D. Research Brief
A Climate of Terror? Climate Change as a Means for Terrorist Exploitation May 2022 Henkin, Samuel D. Research Brief
A Climate of Terror? Climate Change as a Potential Ideological Driver of Terrorism May 2022 Boyd, Marcus A. Research Brief
A Climate of Terror? Climate Change as an Indirect Contributor to Terrorism May 2022 Romm, Madeline Research Brief
A Climate of Terror? Approaches to the Study of Climate Change and Terrorism Executive Summary May 2022 Romm, Madeline; Boyd, Marcus A.; Henkin, Samuel D. Research Brief
Escalation Management in Gray Zone Crises: The Proxy Factor September 2022 Ellis, Devin; Murauskaite, Egle; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan Journal Article
Image Title Job Title Institution
Max Erdemandi

Ph.D. Student, Communication Science and Social Cognition

University of Maryland
Oleksiy Krylyuk photo Oleksiy Krylyuk

Researcher, GTD

University of Maryland
Rhyner Washburn

Cyber Intelligence Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Samuel D. Henkin

Geospatial Research Unit (GRU) Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Steve Sin

Director, Unconventional Weapons and Technology (UWT)

Subject Matter Expert Instructor, National Center for Security & Preparedness

University of Maryland
Tyler Yates Tyler Yates

Researcher, Global Terrorism Database (GTD)

University of Maryland

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