A Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland

Through curricular and experiential learning, START educates, mentors and trains the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

About Education

About Education

START is dedicated to training and mentoring a new generation of scholars and analysts capable of examining questions related to terrorism, counterterrorism and community resilience.

START emphasizes a variety of approaches to education from traditional undergraduate courses at the University of Maryland campus, to fully online synchronous graduate courses, to courses abroad. Educational opportunities exist for all types of learners at the undergraduate and graduate level as well as for the non-degree seeking student or professional. In addition, START seeks to advance homeland security and terrorism-related education at all colleges and universities through teaching tools and funding for course development. START also offers practitioner-focused trainings, which are designed to advance the empirical basis for understanding terrorism, counterterrorism, and community resilience and to support real-world application of research findings.

START also posts additional opportunities on the Education Blog available to individuals interested in pursuing a career in the realm of terrorism research, law enforcement, and security studies. 

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Questions about START's education program should be directed to education-start@umd.edu.

Questions about START's training program should be directed to training-start@umd.edu.

Past Programs: START continually works to develop and revise its educational programs in order to provide the most effective support to students interested in Terrorism Studies. As a result of evolving strategic priorities and changing funding sources, START continually reevaluates its educational programming and occasionally chooses to retire programs. Retired program summaries can be found at this link.