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Two Possible Profiles of Lone-actor Terrorists


Two Possible Profiles of Lone-actor Terrorists


Authors McCauley and Moskalenko argue that lone-actor terrorists may share common characteristics that could help identify high-risk individuals. Specifically, they examine the profile types: disconnected-disordered, in which individuals are loners with a history of mental disorder; and caring-compelled individuals who feel personal responsibility to bring to justice those responsible for making innocent others suffer. This article is part of a larger white paper covering various perspectives of terrorism and approaches to understanding the phenomenon.

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McCauley, C. & Moskalenko, S. (2013), Two possible profiles of lone-actor terrorists.  Pp.84-91 in Hriar Cabayan, Valerie Sitterle, and Matt Yandura (Eds.), Looking Back, Looking Forward: Perspectives on Terrorism and Responses to It.  Strategic Multi-layer Assessment Occasional White Paper, Department of Defense. 

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