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Thank you spring interns and congratulations graduates!


Thank you spring interns and congratulations graduates!

May 17, 2012Claire Simon

START would like to give a special thank all of its spring interns. This semester, START worked with nearly 60 interns in its various research projects and databases. Students worked with leading terrorism experts and homeland security professionals to get a better grasp of current security initiatives and research opportunities.

"We consider our interns to be a crucial part of the organization," START Education Coordinator Sarah Fishering said. "Therefore, we seek to ensure that each one leaves with a comprehensive set of research skills and knowledge, as well the opportunity to be involved in cutting edge research."

START's interns were involved in a variety of different events, including research roundtables, career symposiums and field trips. This semester, START interns, along with START terrorism study minor students, took trips to the Pentagon and Lockheed Martin.

START congratulates all of its graduating interns and minor students! Thank you for all your hard work!

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