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START increases access to security studies for underrepresented students

START increases access to security studies for underrepresented students

UMD grant allows START to expand minor program

May 29, 2013
Thanks to a new grant from the University of Maryland, START will expand access to education in the security studies field. The grant will support students from underrepresented populations in the National Security field as they participate in START's Global Terrorism Minor courses while concurrently engaging in biweekly seminars focused on enhancing academic success skills that can be employed in education and work related to national and international security.
Seminar sessions will focus on written communication skills (including literature reviews, policy memos, and analytical essays), oral communication skills (including policy briefings, intelligence briefings, negotiations, and other class presentations), reading comprehension and study skills, and strategies for effective peer collaboration. Each Expanding Access to Security Studies Education" (EASSE) student will participate in the program throughout his/her first year in the minor; in his/her second year, each EASSE student will serve as a student mentor to a new cohort of EASSE students.


Through this mentoring system, EASSE students will have the opportunity to adapt the skills they have developed during the program to new peer leadership roles. Awarded through UMD's Office of Diversity & Inclusion, the Moving Maryland Forward Grant will allow START to hire graduate teaching assistants in all Global Terrorism Minor courses. START is currently seeking applications for teaching assistants in the following two courses: BSST330 Terrorist Motivations and Behaviors and BSST332: The Practice of Terrorism Studies.

Interested graduate students should submit a resume and cover letter identifying course preference to education@start.umd.edu by July 1.