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Report Released on Public Opinion in the Islamic World


Report Released on Public Opinion in the Islamic World

February 20, 2009

Public Opinion in the Islamic World on Terrorism, Al Qaeda, American Policies, and Islamist Politics On February 25, 2009, START and WorldPublicOpinion.org released the findings from extensive new public opinion research in Egypt, Pakistan and Indonesia, supplemented with additional data from Turkey, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories, and Azerbaijan. The research examined in detail public attitudes on such topics as:

  • Views of terrorist attacks on civilians in general and Americans in particular
  • Views of attacks on US troops based in Muslim countries
  • Perceptions and views of the goals of al Qaeda
  • Perceptions and views of US foreign policy objectives in the region US military presence in the Persian Gulf
  • The participation of Islamist groups in the political process

This survey repeats some questions asked in START's groundbreaking 2007 study and permits assessment of positive and negative trends over time in Muslim public attitudes. Insights from focus groups in several countries complements the polling data.

The full report, questionnaire, and methodology are available here.