A Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland

Through curricular and experiential learning, START educates, mentors and trains the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

2012-13 Fellowships

2012-13 Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Syed Ejaz Hussain, “How The Presence Of Conflict In A Police District Affects The Likelihood Of Terrorism”

Criminology, Counterterrorism Department, Punjab Police, Pakistan

Mentor: Gary LaFree

Kate Ivanova, “Arms Trade and Terrorism”

Political Science, Ohio State University

Mentor: Robert T. Greenbaum

Muniba Saleem, “Media and Acceptance of Muslims within the American National Identity: Differential Responses from Muslim-Americans and Non-Muslim Americans”

Psychology, University of Michigan, Dearborn

Mentor: Anthony Lemieux

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Tricia Bacon, “Strange Bedfellows or Brothers-in-Arms: Why do Terrorist Organizations Ally?”

International Relations, Georgetown University

Mentor: Gary Ackerman

Katherine A. Boyd, “Terrorism in Context: Multi-level modeling to assess organization behavior, location, and counterterrorism policies”

Criminal Justice, John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Mentor: Joshua Freilich

Agatha Hultquist, “The strategies of terrorism and politics: Examining political institutions and the violent and non-violent strategies of ethno-political organizations”

Government & Politics, University of Maryland

Mentor: Johanna Birnir

Sarah Lyons, “Experiences of the Excluded: Uncovering the Psychology of Homegrown Terrorism”

Social and Organizational Psychology, University of Maryland

Mentor: Michele Gelfand

Aila Matanock, “Why Militant Groups and Governments Compete with Ballots Instead of Bullets”

Political Science, Stanford University

Mentor: Martha Crenshaw

Angela Scholes, “A behavioral comparison of terrorist-perpetrated kidnaps and political assassinations”

Forensic Psychology, University of Liverpool

Mentor: Margaret Wilson

Michael Suttmoeller, “The Impact of Right Wing Extremist Group Leadership and Organizational Characteristics on Group Behavior, Persistence and Desistence”

Criminal Justice, Michigan State University

Mentor: Steve Chermak