A Department of Homeland Security Emeritus Center of Excellence led by the University of Maryland

Through curricular and experiential learning, START educates, mentors and trains the next generation of national security scholars and practitioners.

2007-08 Fellowships

2007-08 Fellowships

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mounah Abdel-Samad, “Appeasing Extremists through Political Inclusion: A Comparison of Governmental Approaches toward Islamic Extremists in Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria”

Political Science, University at Albany, State University of New York

Mentor: Victor Asal

Bidisha Biswas, “Examination of the role of diaspora communities in the United States in terrorism and counter-terrorism efforts”

Political Science, Western Washington University

Mentor: Jonathan Wilkenfeld

Erica Chenoweth, “Democratic Pieces: The Inadvertent Effects of Democracy on Terrorist Group Formation”

Political Science, Harvard University

Mentor: Gary Ackerman

Anthony Lemieux, “Examination of reactions to policy as motivations for terror support”

Psychology, State University of New York (SUNY) Purchase

Mentor: Jonathan Wilkenfeld

Jeffrey Lewis, “Precision Terror: Suicide Bombing as Control Technology”

History, The Ohio State University

Mentor: Laura Dugan

Stephen M. Shellman, “Examination of terrorism and ethnic political violence in Southeast Asia”

Political Science, University of Georgia

Mentor: Victor Asal

Pre-Doctoral Fellows

Rebecca Carter, “Religion in the Lived Experience of Disasters”

Anthropology, University of Michigan

Mentor: Monica Schoch-Spana

David Caspi, “Using Affiliation Network Analysis to Assess Structures and Links Among White Supremacist Organizations and the Individuals Associated with these Organizations”

Criminology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

Mentor: Joshua D. Freilich

W. Michael Dunaway, “Examination of disaster preparedness in local businesses”

Crisis Emergency Risk Mgt., George Washington University

Mentor: Monica Schoch-Spana

Natasha Fedotova, “Perceptions of Social Groups: How Lay Persons Attribute Characteristics that Differentiate Social Groups to an Underlying, Immutable Cause”

Psychology, University of Pennsylvania

Mentor: Clark McCauley

Albert Gamarra, “Examination of right-wing criminal behavior in the United States by former military personnel and former prisoners”

Criminology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York

Mentor: Steven M. Chermak

Jeffrey Gruenewald, “Extremist Homicide in the United States: A Comparative Analysis of Far-Right, Bias, and Non-Ideological Homicide”

Criminology, Michigan State University

Mentor: Steven M. Chermak

Matthew Hidek, “Cultures of Security: Military Tactics and City Planning in Lower Manhattan Since 11 September 2001”

Geography, Syracuse University

Mentor: Susan L. Cutter

Stephanie Kaplan, “Effects of War on Trajectory of Terrorist Movements”

Political Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mentor: Martha Crenshaw

John Sawyer, “How Men Rebel: The Decision-Making of Violent Political Organizations”

Political Science, Georgetown University

Mentor: Jonathan Wilkenfeld