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Terrorist Networks

Terrorist Networks

Project Title Investigators Project Period
Framing Global Salafi-Jihadist Messages in the West Peter Neumann July, 2012 to December, 2015
Failure Points in Smuggling Networks Brandon Behlendorf September, 2013 to March, 2015
Mapping and Evaluating Online Salafi-Jihadism Arie Kruglanski, Jarret Brachman, Michele Gelfand July, 2012 to December, 2014
ISIL: Branding, Leadership Culture and Lethal Attraction Gina Scott Ligon November, 2014
US Crime-Terror Nexus: Terrorist Networks & Trade Diversion Joshua Freilich, Steven Chermak, Roberta Belli July, 2012 to December, 2013
Martyrs without Borders: Iraq's Foreign Fighters and the Third Generation of Global Jihad Mohammed Hafez June, 2008 to May, 2011
Where the Extremes May Touch: The Potential for Collaboration Between Islamist, Right- and Left-Wing Extremists Gary Ackerman, Jeffrey Bale July, 2005 to September, 2009
Social Network Analysis for Combating Terrorist Networks Alan Neustadtl, R. Karl Rethemeyer, Victor Asal June, 2006 to June, 2009
Militant Islamist Networks in the West Jeffrey Bale July, 2005 to April, 2008
Project Title Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
Exploring the U.S. Crime-Terror Nexus: Terrorist Networks and Trade Diversion Research Brief October 2014 Freilich, Joshua; Belli, Roberta; Chermak, Steven Research Brief
A Tale of Two Caliphates: Al-Qaida and its Associated Movement vs. the Islamic State and its Associated Movement September 2015 Braniff, William Presentation
Al Qaeda's Post-9/11 Evolution: An Assessment November 2011 Moghadam, Assaf; Braniff, William Book Chapter
An Analysis of Violent Nonstate Actor Organizational Lethality and Network Co-Evoluation in the Middle East and North Africa February 2016 Young, Joseph; Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Report
Anneli Botha, Terrorism in the Maghreb: The Transnationalisation of Domestic Terrorism (Pretoria/Tshwane: Institute for Security Studies) January 2010 Book Review
Assessing the Terrorist Threat: Impact of the Group's Organizational Design? October 2015 Journal Article
Big Allied and Dangerous (BAAD) September 2013 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Project Fact Sheet
Big, Allied And Dangerous (BAAD) Fact Sheet October 2015 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Project Fact Sheet
Boko Haram: An Assessment of Strengths, Vulnerabilities, and Policy Options January 2015 Pate, Amy Report
Building Terrorism from Social Ties: The Dark Side of Social Capital February 2015 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Building Terrorism from Social Ties: The Dark Side of Social Capital February 2015 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Catch Them Coming and Going: Probabilistic Pathway Projection to Counter Foreign Fighters March 2016 House, Joshua; Boyd, Marcus Report
Changing Organizational Structures of Jihadist Networks in the Netherlands October 2016 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Cigarette smuggling and terrorism financing November 2013 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Book Chapter
Comparative configurational analysis as a two-mode network problem: A study of terrorist group engagement in the drug trade May 2013 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Breiger, Ronald Journal Article
Criminal Collaboration and Risk: The Drivers of Al Qaeda's Network Structure Before and After 9/11 February 2017 Journal Article
Cross-Milieu Terrorist Collaboration: Using Game Theory to Assess the Risk of a Novel Threat April 2016 Ackerman, Gary; Zhuang, Jun Journal Article
Discussion Point: The Prospective Military Power of Al Qaeda Affiliated Groups in the Syrian Conflict December 2013 Discussion Point
Do Good Fences Make Good Neighbors? Border Barriers and the Transnational Flow of Terrorist Violence December 2016 Journal Article
Enemies with Benefits? Violent Rivalry and Terrorist Group Longevity January 2015 Phillips, Brian Journal Article
Exploring the Crime-Terror Nexus in the United States: A Social Network Analysis of a Hezbollah Network Involved in Trade Diversion October 2015 Freilich, Joshua; Belli, Roberta; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Foreign Bodies: Transnational Activism, the Insurgency in the North Caucasus and "Beyond" May 2015 Journal Article
Hizballah as a Social Movement Organization: A Framing Approach November 2009 Karagiannis, Emmanuel Journal Article
Hurdles to International Terrorist Alliances: Lessons From al Qaeda's Experience February 2015 Journal Article
ISIL: Branding, Leadership Culture and Lethal Attraction November 2014 Ligon, Gina Scott; Simi, Peter Report
Islamists and Nationalists: Rebel Motivation and Counterinsurgency in Russia's North Caucasus May 2015 Journal Article
Jihad after Iraq: Lessons from the Arab Afghans February 2009 Hafez, Mohammed Journal Article
Mapping and Deterring Violent Extremist Networks in North-West Africa February 2015 Journal Article
Mapping and Deterring Violent Extremist Networks in North-West Africa April 2015 Leuprecht, Christian Journal Article
Momin Khawaja: Mechanisms of Radicalization August 2016 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia Report
Networks as strategic repertoires: Functional differentiation among Al-Shabaab terror cells May 2013 Leuprecht, Christian Journal Article
On Classifying Terrorism: A Potential Contribution of Cluster Analysis for Academics and Policymakers December 2007 Chenoweth, Erica Journal Article
One God for All: Fundamentalist Religious Groups and Terrorism February 2010 Birnir, Johanna; Satana, Nil Conference Paper
Only the Bad Die Young: The Correlates of Organizational Death for Far-Right Extremist Groups December 2015 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Journal Article
Probabilistic Pathway Projection to Counter Foreign Fighters April 2016 House, Joshua; Boyd, Marcus Research Brief
Psychology Not Theology: Overcoming ISIS' Secret Appeal October 2014 Kruglanski, Arie Op-ed
Researching Terrorist Networks April 2006 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Social Networks, Terrorism and Counter-terrorism: Radical and Connected June 2015 Book
Spotting the Threat July 2014 Neumann, Peter Journal Article
States in Disguise: Causes of State Support for Rebel Groups September 2016 Book
Taking a New Perspective: Mapping the Al Qaeda Network Through the Eyes of the UN Security Council February 2015 Journal Article
Terrorism and the North Caucasus: An Overview April 2013 Johns, Mila Background Report
Terrorism as Transnational Advocacy: An Organizational and Tactical Examination January 2006 Asal, Victor Journal Article
Terrorism, Radicalization and De-radicalization June 2016 Kruglanski, Arie Journal Article
Terrorist Group Cooperation and Longevity June 2014 Phillips, Brian
Terrorist Transnational Activist Networks. January 2006 Asal, Victor Journal Article
The Nature of the Beast: Terrorist: The Organizational and Network Characteristics of Organizational Lethality January 2008 Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article
The Nexus between Terrorism and U.S. Product Counterfeiting July 2014 Sullivan, Brandon; Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Research Brief
The Organization of Terrorism November 2006 Crenshaw, Martha Book Chapter
The Ties that Bind: How Terrorists Exploit Family Bonds February 2016 Hafez, Mohammed Journal Article
Towards Global Jihadism: Al-Qaeda's Strategic, Ideological and Structural Adaptations since 9/11 June 2012 Moghadam, Assaf; Braniff, William Journal Article
Western Muslims Volunteering to fight in Syria and Iraq: Why do they go, and what should we do? July 2015 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia Journal Article
With Friends Like These…Why Terrorist Organizations Ally January 2016 Ackerman, Gary; Rethemeyer, R. Karl; Asal, Victor Journal Article
New START model forecasts the flow of foreign fighters
New study examines FARC’s development of narco-submarines
Financing terrorism through trade diversion
Dagher discusses ISIL in Iraq and new public opinion data
Rassler delves into the intricacies of the Haqqani Nexus
Discussion Point: The Prospective Military Power of Al Qaeda Affiliated Groups in the Syrian Conflict
Background Report: Truck carrying radioactive material stolen in Mexico
START Newsletter: US beliefs before, after Boston bombings; Terrorist targeting of civilians; Graduate Certificate in Terrorism Analysis
A Discussion with Dr. Matthew Levitt, Author of Hezbollah: The Global Footprint of Lebanon's Party of God
START seeking 2014 Outstanding Article Award nominations
Al-Shabaab Attack on Westgate Mall in Kenya
START Symposium showcases impactful research, datasets
START researchers awarded top honors for applying marketing framework to violent groups
New study examines terrorism in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand
Hegghammer explains variation in western jihadists
START Research Brief: Al-Shabaab's use of Twitter
Research Roundtable details the patterns of terrorism worldwide
New database provides insights into terrorism countermeasures
Remittances and the financing of terrorism in Sub-Saharan Africa
START launches new tool for counterterrorism community
Terrorism Studies Minor information sessions
LaFree speaks at National Institute of Justice conference
Database Spotlight: Muslim Public Opinion and Public Opinion in the Islamic World on Terrorism, al Qaeda and US Policies (PIPA)
Database spotlight: Big Allied and Dangerous (BAAD)
START welcomes visiting scholar
Al-Qaida's fatal terrorism under Osama bin Laden
The Formation of Unholy Alliances: How violence threatens international security
New study shows alliances and not religious ideology are key to forecasting CBRN pursuit
Summer courses for credit through START
START investigator and former TRA recipient publish book on the mobilization of right-wing extremism
Research Roundtable features expert on policing terrorism
START research informs Senate report on Chesser
Top-ranked criminology journal features START research
Leading terrorism expert discusses mobilization of women into terrorist networks
Terrorism studies graduate certificate application deadline is quickly approaching
LaFree Discusses Terrorism Myths and Realities
START Assesses Impact of 9/11
START Researchers Present at American Political Science Association Annual Conference
START Investigators Participate in 2011 American Sociological Association Annual Conference
START Announces 2011-2012 Terrorism Research Award Participants
START Researchers Featured in Journal of Homeland Security
START Releases New Data Collections
START Response to Death of bin Laden
2011-2012 Background Report Undergraduate Terrorism Analysis Training (UTAT) Program Application Deadline Extended
Press Release: START Panel Addresses Key Questions in Terrorism
Have you seen it yet? START Research Review
START Announces 2009 Curriculum Development Grant Recipients
New Research Brief Released: The Use of Violence by Ethnopolitical Organizations in the Middle East
START Announces Fellowships for 2005-06
Secretary Ridge announces creation of terrorism center
Image Title Job Title Institution
Brandon Behlendorf Brandon Behlendorf

Assistant Director for Research Development/Senior Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Brandon Sullivan Brandon Sullivan

Assistant Professor

Michigan State University
Brian Phillips Brian Phillips

Assistant Professor

Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE), Mexico City
Clark McCauley Clark McCauley

Professor of Psychology

Bryn Mawr College
Daniella Fridl Daniella Fridl

Former Assistant Research Director, START

University of Maryland
David Hofmann David Hofmann

Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminology

Senior Research Affiliate – The Canadian Network of Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (TSAS)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Emmanuel Karagiannis Emmanuel Karagiannis

Senior Lecturer of International Relations

King's College
Enrique Arias Enrique Arias

Assistant Professor of Government

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York
Erin Miller Erin Miller

GTD Program Manager, START

University of Maryland
Gary Ackerman Gary Ackerman

Director, Unconventional Weapons and Technology Division, START

University of Maryland
Gary LaFree

Director, START; Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice

University of Maryland
John G. Horgan John Horgan

Professor of Global Studies and Psychology

Georgia State University
Jun Zhuang

Associate Professor of Engineering

University of Buffalo
Kurt Braddock

Post-doctoral teaching fellow

Pennsylvania State University
Lyubov Mincheva

Associate Professor

University of Sofia, Bulgaria
Michael Jensen Michael Jensen

GTD Data Collection Manager, START

University of Maryland
Michelle Jacome Michelle Jacome

Project Manager/Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Mila Jonns Mila Johns

Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Nil Satana

Visiting Faculty Member

University of Maryland
R. Karl Rethemeyer R. Karl Rethemeyer

Associate Professor of Public Administration & Policy

University at Albany, State University of New York
Rashmi Singh Rashmi Singh

Lecturer in Terrorism Studies

St. Andrews University
Roberta Belli

  Security Information Analyst, United Nations Department of Safety and Security

United Nations Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS)
Ronald Breiger Ronald Breiger

Professor of Sociology

University of Arizona
Sarah Spalding Sarah Spalding

Researcher/Analyst, START

University of Maryland
Sharad Joshi

Research Associate

Monterey Institute of International Studies
Victor Asal

Associate Professor of Political Science

University at Albany, State University of New York
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