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The Way Forward on Counter-Terrorism: Global Perspectives

The Way Forward on Counter-Terrorism: Global Perspectives


There have been thousands of public conferences and closed-door meetings on terrorism and counter-terrorism since 11 September 2001. They usually end up with recommendations and then everybody goes home after the group photo has been taken. What happened to all these recommendations? Who has acted upon them and actually implemented them? Who has evaluated them? Were they any good?

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Schmid, Alex P. 2016. "The Way Forward on Counter-Terrorism: Global Perspectives." Strathmore Law Journal 2 (August): 49-73. http://press.strathmore.edu/uploads/journals/strathmore-law-journal/2SLJ1/2SLJ1_4Way%20forward%20on%20counter-terrorism-APSchmid.pdf

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