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An Overview of the Domestic Far-right and its Criminal Activities

An Overview of the Domestic Far-right and its Criminal Activities


The ideology of the domestic far-right has been linked to a number of political crimes such as attacks against the federal government & international targets, anti-abortion crimes, tax refusal, gun charges, land use violations, hate crimes, financial schemes and other crimes that further the movement's ideology or survival. This review will systematically examine the literature on right-wing extremism in general, and its association with these crimes in the fields of criminology/criminal justice, sociology, and political science. The paper will identify substantive (i.e., what has & has not been studied), conceptual (i.e., points of agreement and debate), methodological (i.e., data sources & research design) and theoretical issues in the extant literature. We will discuss unexplored research questions and outline specific research opportunities.

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Gruenewald, Jeff, and Joshua D. Freilich, Steven M. Chermak. 2009. "An Overview of the Domestic Far-right and its Criminal Activities." In Hate Crimes: Hate Crime Offenders, ed. Barbara Perry. Wesport, CT:Praeger.

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