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How Muslims and Americans View Each Other

How Muslims and Americans View Each Other


For some years now, as part of developing the web resource WorldPublicOpinion.org, we have been conducting studies of public opinion in the Muslim world and the United States. We have been conducting focus groups, and tracking the polls of other organizations, as well as conducting our own polls.

As you may expect, the news is certainly not all good. There is a tremendous amount of mutual suspicion. The US is viewed negatively in virtually all Muslim countries. In a multi-country poll we just did for the BBC, we found that in all Muslim countries polled, majorities said that the US is having a mostly negative influence in the world and that the US military presence in the Middle East provokes more conflict than it prevents.

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Kull, Steven. 2007. "How Muslims and Americans View Each Other." Presented at the US-Islamic Forum, Doha, Qatar. http://www.worldpublicopinion.org/pipa/articles/views_on_countriesregion...

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