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Are Conditions Ripe for Negotiating with Iran?

Are Conditions Ripe for Negotiating with Iran?


A number of serious voices are saying it is time for a new approach on Iran. Senator Diane Feinstein and former high-level US government officials have called for the United States to enter into negotiations with Iran without preconditions, at the same time proposing ideas to surmount the current impasse over Iran's nuclear program. Combined with new polling suggesting that public opinion in Iran and the United States echo these views, conditions appear to be ripe for renewed efforts to improve US-Iran relations.

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Kull, Steven. 2008. "Are Conditions Ripe for Negotiating with Iran?." Pakistan Tribune, Le Matinal, LeMatin, & E Marrakech (April): 0:0-0. http://www.commongroundnews.org/article.php?id=23093&lan=en&sp=0

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