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Social Media

Social Media

Project Title Investigators Project Period
Resources and Resilience: A Computational Model of Strategic Influence Tony Rivera January, 2018 to June, 2018
Computational Modeling of Grievances and Political Instability Through Global Media Gary LaFree September, 2014 to September, 2017
Comprehensive Testing of Imminent Threat Public Messages for Mobile Devices (MDP) Brooke Liu, Hamilton Bean, Marcus A. Boyd, Michele Wood June, 2012 to June, 2015
Mapping and Evaluating Online Salafi-Jihadism Arie Kruglanski, Jarret Brachman, Michele Gelfand July, 2012 to December, 2014
Social Media Use during Disasters Brooke Liu July, 2012 to October, 2013
The Role of the Media in the Recruitment of Terrorists: Mass Communication and the Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Muslims in Indonesia Douglas M. McLeod June, 2007 to May, 2009
Textual Analysis of Electronic Media Coverage of Homeland Security-Related Risks Lisa Keranen September, 2006 to May, 2009
Project Title Publication Date START Authors Publication Type
Beyond Image Repair: Suggestions for Crisis Communication Theory Development September 2014 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia Journal Article
Can taking down websites really stop terrorists and hate groups? September 2017 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Discussion Point
Comparing Social Media and Traditional Surveys Around the Boston Marathon Bombing April 2016 McGrath, Erin; LaFree, Gary Conference Paper
Computational Social Science: Understanding Terrorist Attacks on Twitter July 2016 McGrath, Erin Discussion Point
Data-Driven System Identification of the Social Network Dynamics in Online Postings of an Extremist Group June 2016 Freilich, Joshua; Chermak, Steven Conference Paper
Disaster Warnings in Your Pocket: How Audiences Interpret Mobile Alerts for an Unfamiliar Hazard March 2016 Liu, Brooke; Mileti, Dennis; Bean, Hamilton; Sutton, Jeanette; Wood, Michele Journal Article
Examining the Role of Social Media in Effective Crisis Management: The Effects of Crisis Origin, Information Form, and Source on Publics' Crisis Responses August 2017 Liu, Brooke
Experiencing Disasters Indirectly: How Traditional and New Media Disaster Coverage Impacts Youth January 2008 Pfefferbaum, Betty Journal Article
How Disaster Information Form, Source, Type, and Prior Disaster Exposure Affect Public Outcomes: Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon December 2014 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia; Jin, Yan Journal Article
How Disaster Information Form, Source, Type, and Prior Disaster Exposure Affect Public Outcomes: Jumping on the Social Media Bandwagon? January 2015 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia; Jin, Yan
Lethal Brands: How VEOs Build Reputations May 2015 Ligon, Gina Scott Journal Article
Miscommunication during the anthrax attacks: How events reveal organizational failures January 2007 Chess, Caron Journal Article
On My Way January 2010 Conference Paper
Online Networks of the Italian and German Extreme Right: An Explorative Study with Social Network Analysis February 2009 Caiani, Manuela Journal Article
Powers and Problems of Integrating Social Media Data with Public Health and Safety September 2015 LaFree, Gary Conference Paper
Search Engines: Terrorism's Killer App July 2008 Harwood, Paul; Asal, Victor Journal Article
Social Media Use during Disasters: A Review of the Knowledge Base and Gaps December 2012 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia; Jin, Yan Report
Social Media Use during Disasters Fact Sheet May 2013 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia; Jin, Yan Project Fact Sheet
Strategic Uses of the Internet by Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia November 2008 McLeod, Douglas M. Book Chapter
Taking Effective Risk and Crisis Communication for Granted? August 2013 Liu, Brooke; Petrun, Elizabeth Discussion Point
Terror, Trauma, and Text: Writing Counterrevolution in Colonial Algeria November 2009 Book Chapter
The Internet in the Islamic world: No panacea for democracy. January 2008 McLeod, Douglas Journal Article
Toward More Audience-Oriented Approaches to Crisis Communication and Social Media Research January 2018 Liu, Brooke; Fraustino, Julia Book Chapter
Violent Jihadism in Real Time: Al-Shabaab's Use of Twitter January 2013 Research Brief
Image Title Job Title Institution
Brooke Liu

Associate Professor of Communication and Director, Risk Communication & Resilience Program, START

University of Maryland
David C. Pyrooz

Assistant Professor, University of Colorado - Boulder

University of Colorado
David Hofmann David Hofmann

Assistant Professor of Sociology/Criminology

Senior Research Affiliate – The Canadian Network of Research on Terrorism, Security, and Society (TSAS)

SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Elizabeth Petrun Elizabeth Petrun Sayers

Associate Behavioral and Social Scientist

RAND Corporation
Emily Iarocci Emily Iarocci

Senior Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Erin McGrath

NSF Post-doctoral Research Associate, Computational Social Science, START

University of Maryland
Holly Roberts

Program Manager, Risk Communication & Resilience Program, START

University of Maryland
Joyce Rasing

Graduate Education Program Coordinator, START

University of Maryland
Julia Fraustino, START Julia Fraustino

Incoming Assistant Professor

West Virginia University
Karina Panyan

Research Assistant, Global Terrorism Database (GTD), START

University of Maryland
Kurt Braddock

Post-doctoral teaching fellow

Pennsylvania State University
Max Erdemandi

Project Manager & Researcher

University of Maryland
Mila Jonns Mila Johns


Rashmi Singh Rashmi Singh

Associate Professor

The Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais
Salma Bouziani

Project Manager/Researcher, START

University of Maryland
Susan Szmania

Research Affiliate, START

University of Maryland
Yan Jin Yan Jin

Associate Professor of Public Relations

University of Georgia

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