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Publication Title Publication Datesort ascending START Authors Type Research Areas Regions
Implications of Research on Traumatic Stress for Countering Violent Extremism August 2016 Weinberger, Peter Discussion Point Countering Violent Extremism Global
Diffusing Portable Radiation Detectors Among First Responders: Device Acceptance and Implications for Community Resilience August 2016 Liu, Brooke; Petrun Sayers, Elizabeth; Ackerman, Gary; Roberts, Holly Book Chapter Resilience, Radiological and Nuclear Threats North America
From Cubs to Lions: A Six Stage Model of Child Socialization into the Islamic State August 2016 Horgan, John Journal Article Radical Beliefs and Behavior Middle East and North Africa
The Medium is Terrorism: Transformation of the About to Die Trope in Dabiq August 2016 Lemieux, Anthony Journal Article Violent Groups and Movements Global
Political Islam in the Age of Democratization August 2016 Hafez, Mohammed Book Review Countering Violent Extremism Middle East and North Africa
The Way Forward on Counter-Terrorism: Global Perspectives August 2016 Schmid, Alex Journal Article Counterterrorism Global
Temporal Sequencing, Incident Sophistication, and Terrorist Outcomes August 2016 Smith, Brent; Gruenewald, Jeff Research Brief Violent Groups and Movements, Individual Behavior North America
Momin Khawaja: Mechanisms of Radicalization August 2016 McCauley, Clark; Moskalenko, Sophia Report Individual Behavior, Radical Beliefs and Behavior
Urban-Rural Differences in Disaster Resilience July 2016 Cutter, Susan Journal Article Resilience North America
Examining Systematic Crime Reporting Bias Across Three Immigrant Generations: Prevalence, Trends, and Divergence in Self-Reported and Official Reported Arrests July 2016 Bersani, Bianca Journal Article Crime and Terrorism North America
How Companies and Governments React to Disasters July 2016 Zhuang, Jun Journal Article Counterterrorism North America
Public-Private Partnerships to Counter Violent Extremism: Field Principles for Action July 2016 Beutel, Alejandro; Weinberger, Peter Report Counterterrorism, Countering Violent Extremism Global
Mental Illness and Terrorism July 2016 James, Patrick Discussion Point Individual Behavior North America
Understanding Community Responses to Authority/Law Enforcement Minority-Outreach Intergroup Communication Frames July 2016 Glasford, Demis Research Brief Crime and Terrorism, Counterterrorism Global
Computational Social Science: Understanding Terrorist Attacks on Twitter July 2016 McGrath, Erin Discussion Point Resilience Global
Training Host Nation Forces for Population-centric Counterinsurgency July 2016 Koven, Barnett S. Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism Global
Research on Radicalisation: Topics and Themes July 2016 Schmid, Alex Journal Article Countering Violent Extremism Global
Protocol: Increased Police Patrol Presence Effects on Crime and Disorder July 2016 Weisburd, David Journal Article Crime and Terrorism North America
A Community Level Comparison of Terrorism Movements in the United States July 2016 Smith, Brent; Gruenewald, Jeff; Fitzpatrick, Kevin; Roberts, Paxton Journal Article Terrorism and Society North America
Risk-Mitigating Policies and Adversarial Behavior: Case of Backlash June 2016 Mohtadi, Hamid Journal Article Counterterrorism Global
A Call to Arms: The Need for More Psychological Research on Terrorism June 2016 Horgan, John Journal Article Terrorism and Society Global
Terrorist Attacks Targeting Critical Infrastructure in the United States, 1970-2015 June 2016 Miller, Erin Report Terrorism and Society, Violent Groups and Movements, Individual Behavior North America
Across the Universe? A Comparative Analysis of Violent Radicalization Across Three Offender Types With Implications for Criminal Justice Training and Education June 2016 Horgan, John Report Violent Groups and Movements North America
Terrorist Attacks Show Biggest Decline in a Decade; But Let's Wait Before Celebrating June 2016 Miller, Erin; LaFree, Gary; Jensen, Michael Discussion Point Terrorism and Society Middle East and North Africa
Evaluation of a Multi-Faceted, U.S. Community-Based, Muslim-Led CVE Program June 2016 Horgan, John Report Countering Violent Extremism North America


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