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Unbreakable: A Concise Overview of Cybersecurity

Unbreakable: A Concise Overview of Cybersecurity


Security or more appropriately, cybersecurity, is the single most important service provided by any modern technology professional or organization. In recent years, cybersecurity has been at the forefront of the media cycle, with the increase in personal information and day-to-day activities being relegated to binary infrastructure, the need for security identification and development has never been greater. Yet few, if any, grasp the full spectrum of available services and more importantly, the origins and the reasons for their existence. This article examines the history of cybersecurity methodologies, thereby exposing the means by which they operate and the circumstances that mandated their development. With a full understanding of the origins of such practices, information technology professionals at all career levels can hope to build on preceding technologies, with the goal of providing an even more secure technological future.

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Berg, Kristi, Joseph N. Crawford, and Thomas Seymour. 2016. "Unbreakable: A Concise Overview of Cybersecurity." Issues in Information Systems 17, 208-221. http://www.iacis.org/iis/2016/4_iis_2016_208-221.pdf

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