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Terrorist Attack in Malaysia Situation: A Review of Current Scenario

Terrorist Attack in Malaysia Situation: A Review of Current Scenario


The threat of terrorism to Malaysia seems to be overestimated. Perhaps the Malaysia public seem have already made the assumption that this country would not be involved with this kind of calamity forever. In reality, this phenomenon is not new for Malaysia, furthermore, with the current political issues, whether from local or global prospective, it is not to be possible for this country to experience with this kind of threat soon. In order to face with this kind of new epic of human destruction phenomena, we should take a step ahead. Maybe the best action is to prepare with a structured plan in dealing with this issue. In order to have an effective plan, the user (public) should be actively involved, and how great the involvement of the public in Malaysia situation is still unclear. This information is critically important because the plans if exist, currently perhaps being developed to deal with these kinds of situations (disaster) are based on expert assumptions about what people would be concerned and how they would behave based on previous experience. If government assumptions about the public were wrong as they have been in the past, the plans which developed will not work as expected, and a large number of people who should be protected will be unnecessarily harmed. The preliminary work included sharing ideas, information and conversations with government and private-sector planners and with an extensive review of the literature to identify the critical assumptions about the public on which current plans are based to identify a frame of reference for thinking about disaster preparedness planning among general public should be done extensively. On second thought, perhaps a study which uses scenarios that put people in disaster situations should be implemented. During this study, the public will be asked what they would be likely to hear about the attack and be told what to do with the objective to explore people’s interest with respect to their community’s disaster planning activities.

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Hamzah, Mohd Shaharudin Shah Che, Mohd Ismail Ibrahim, Mohd Nazri Shafei, and Kamaruddin Jalam. 2016. "Terrorist Attack in Malaysia Situation: A Review of Current Scenario." International Journal of Science Commerce and Humanities 4 (November): 65-75. http://www.ijsch.com/journaluk/images/frontImages/TERRORIST_ATTACK_IN_MALAYSIA_SITUATION.pdf

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