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Military Innovation in War: It takes a Learning Organization

Military Innovation in War: It takes a Learning Organization


In this monograph, Dr. Richard Shultz provides the reader key findings of how organizational change and innovation by the U.S. counterterrorism forces deployed to Iraq in 2003 as Task Force (TF) 714 dismantled al-Qaeda in Iraq’s (AQI) networked secret organization. His executive summary highlights: 1) the insurgent puzzle TF 714 encountered; 2) the organizational learning and innovation framework employed to assess the evolution of TF 714; and 3) how the Task Force transformed in order to adapt to and significantly degrade the enemy.

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Shultz, Richard. 2016. Military Innovation in War: It Takes a Learning Organization. MacDill Air Force Base: Joint Special Operations University Press. https://www.sofx.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/JSOU16-6_Shultz_TF714_final1.pdf

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