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Media and Humanitarian Action

Media and Humanitarian Action


Whether a disaster is reported in the media and how this is done depends on several criteria, which are rarely revealed to the recipients and especially the persons involved in the disaster. Major disasters such as the tsunami in South East Asia in 2004, the Haiti earthquake of 2010 or the triple catastrophe in Japan in 2011 are events that are picked up by the media worldwide and can create fear, compassion and feelings of powerlessness in the recipient. The media bring images, as well as emotions, to our living rooms. This is important for NGOs because of the power of the media, where competing commercial companies are particularly prominent due to circulation or audience.

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Moke, Markus and Maria Ruther. 2015. "Media and Humanitarian Action." In The Humanitarian Challenge, eds. Pat Gibbons and Hans-Joachim Heintze. Berlin: Springer, 253-263. http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007/978-3-319-13470-3_13

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