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The Culture of Political Corruption and the Emergence of Terrorism in Nigeria

The Culture of Political Corruption and the Emergence of Terrorism in Nigeria


Corruption is the greatest tragedy of Nigeria. Its machinery has spread through this burgeoning nation with its tentacles well spread and its nest well laid, with its flame burning wild and wild. Its effects on socio-political and economic development of the nation are myriad. They range from affecting economic growth, increase in poverty and income inequalities, political destabilization, reduction in quality of goods and services available to the public, scares away investors from a nation, tarnishes the image of a nation, 'brain drain' phenomenon, slow movement of files that get through the desk of officers. It also leads to missing files that resurface immediately the desk officer is settled, unnecessary bureaucracy and delays until bribes are given. This notwithstanding, this piece argues that there is a very strong connection between corruption and terrorism in Nigeria. When disenfranchised Nigerian populations see leaders amassing wealth unfairly through corruption while failing to deliver minimum services, the result is frustration and aggression. The frustration-aggression theory of violence, alongside other related theories were employed to understand and interpret the terrorist phenomenon in Nigeria. Frustration makes people turn to other bodies for protection, swelling the ranks of terrorism. This work submits that for the fight against terrorism in Nigeria to be successful, the issue of corruption must be tackled alongside.

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Anthony, Ikechukwu. 2016. "The Culture of Political Corruption and the Emergence of Terrorism in Nigeria." The Academic Conference of Sub-Sahara African Academic Research Publications on Multi-Disciplinary Approaches (June). http://www.ssaapublications.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/THE-CULTURE-OF-POLITICAL-CORRUPTION-AND-THE-EMERGENCE-OF-TERRORISM-IN-NIGERIA.pdf

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